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      "Alas!" said Lucy, "I am not sinless."

      "Yeswe must," he said shortly.He was as jealous of this strip of earth as of a wifehe would allow nobody to work there but himself. Alone and unhelped he grubbed up the bracken, turned the soil, and scattered rape-dust and midden till they had to shut their windows at Burntbarns. He believed that if the ground was properly manured it would be ready for sowing in the autumn. The only difficulty now was[Pg 41] the trees; they were casting malevolent shadows, and dredging up the goodness out of the earth.

      "Then d?an't come sobbing and howling in my parlour. You can go if you've naun more to say."

      He stood with his arms folded over his chest, and watched the first stars flicker above Castweasel. The scent of the ground steamed up to mingle with the mists, a soft rasp of frost was in the air and the earth which he had loved seemed to breathe out towards him, and tell him that by his faithful service he had won not only Boarzell but all gracious soil, all the secrets of seed-time and harvest, all the tender mysteries of sap, and growth.


      "Yonder," he said, pointing to the end of the lane, "where you see the moonlight full on the groundmust be the placeat least it cannot be far off, for there the roads meet. There is this lane and the road straight ahead to Hailesthen away to the right takes you to Sudley Castle and the other end of Winchcombe; and the road this way, elevating his left hand, leads on to Bishop's Cleave."


      "Nolet her sleep. But bring me a light fur marcy's sake."